Who is behind the mask?

A Dental Wellness Liaison is a Registered Dental Hygienist that is able to work independently of a traditional dental office environment.

We collaborate with other health professionals to ensure comprehensive care for our patients.

We are compassionate professionals, and patient-centered care is at the heart of what we do.

Serving Calgary and area.

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Who makes a good candidate for the services of a Dental Wellness Liaison?

1. Those who see the value of optimal oral wellness as a support to overall health. Increasing evidence suggests overall health is directly related to oral health.
2. Those who have always valued their oral health and have previously put a considerable amount of time and money into maintenance of their teeth and gums. These individuals have retained some or all of their natural dentition or have extensive restorative such as implants, crowns, fixed and removable bridges etc.
3. Those who are no longer being closely followed by a dental professional. This may benefit a family that has secured a safe continuing care residence for their loved one.
4. Individuals that no longer have the cognitive or physical abilities to look after their oral health. Family may have concerns about the oral care that their loved one is receiving from home care services or in a long term care residence.
5. Individuals that are being taken care of by family that do not live in the same vicinity as their loved one. This creates peace of mind as the Dental Wellness Liaison fills an important role.
6. Individuals that are being looked after by family that could benefit from the help of a liaison with a dental training background. It can be overwhelming for family members to manage the variety of care giving activities while maintaining their own personal lives.

Aging Adults

Special needs clients

Dementia care and medically compromised

Some of the services offered by a
Dental Wellness Liaison include:

1. Frequent visits every few weeks to ensure client is receiving proper daily oral care from caregivers
2. Liaisons will coach care givers on special tools and techniques that serve the patient best
3. Mobile dental hygiene care services like preventive dental cleanings and check ups
4. Liaison services with denturist and dentist to ensure timely interventions with focus on a preventive mindset
5. Pairing patients with dentists that are sensitive to their individualized needs
6. Facilitate communications between patient's family members and dental team members
7. Frequent consultations and recommendations made with the client's nursing and medical team